Saturday 20 April 2019

Why did the sky over San Francisco look like it had an Instagram filter on it?

What caused the phenomenon?

The sky over San Francisco turns a different colour – (@RickZuzow/Twitter)
The sky over San Francisco turns a different colour – (@RickZuzow/Twitter)

By Max McLean, Press Association

Blue and grey are the colours we usually expect to see in the sky, but as July rolled around San Francisco experienced something a little different.

The sky instead appeared to have something of a sepia tone, prompting those in attendance to take photos of the city looking as if someone had put an Instagram filter over the top of it.

The images were indeed without filter, giving them a nostalgic vibe usually reserved for album cover artwork.

Reports say that smoke and ash from wildfires in counties north of the city were the reason for the phenomenon, colouring the sky and showering some areas with ash.

So while the sky may look pretty, it could actually be dangerous.

That didn’t seem to be a concern of music artist Dua Lipa however.

There’s your next album cover.

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