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Why did half the books in this library mysteriously have the page number 7 underlined?

It’s not the new Serial, but it’ll get the detective in you excited.


(rihard_wolfram/Getty Images)

(rihard_wolfram/Getty Images)

(rihard_wolfram/Getty Images)

Twitter loves a good mystery, and this one sounds like it could have come from a game of Cluedo.

Library assistant Georgia recounted a tale from her job to Twitter on Tuesday when she sought to help an older lady who had found some strange pen markings in the books she was borrowing.

So who was doing this crafty misdemeanour? First of all, Georgia suspected the woman herself, but that was quickly put to rest.

The investigation was hotting up as Georgia searched for answers.

Luckily, the Sherlock to her Watson was on the way, in the form of her manager.

Yep, you read that right. It’s a whole system for older people to check if they’ve read a book before. Mystery solved.

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Georgia’s thread garnered a lot of attention, leading to fears of copy-cat pensioners in libraries across the country.

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