Monday 19 February 2018

Who wants to lose a million pounds?

Contestants to
Contestants to "lose" £1 million in new game show on Channel 4
Contestants to "lose" £1 million in new game show on Channel 4

Contestants could lose £1 million in a new Channel 4 game show.

Par ticipants are given the hefty sum at the start of the show, which will be broadcast live from a secret secure location, but will have to watch their cash disappear down trapdoors if they fail to answer questions correctly.

Channel 4 has commissioned the show, provisionally entitled The Drop, from Endemol, the TV company behind Big Brother, which is about to enter its final series.

Contestants will be plucked from social networking websites and even other Channel 4 programmes in what producers say will "revolutionise how TV gameshows are cast".

The Drop will go out over a week next year, with viewers watching the show one day and live in the secret location hoping to take home £1 million the next.

Remarkable Television, part of Endemol, said: "The Drop is a big money game show with extraordinary jeopardy.

"Contestants are given their prize, £1 million in cash, at the top of the show. For the first time contestants will be winning big, or losing it all, live on TV.

"On each question our contestants face four trapdoors. One wrong move could see their money literally drop through the floor."

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