Monday 21 May 2018

WhatsApp is down and people have responded in the only way they know how: lots of gifs

By Kameron Virk

Users are reporting problems connecting and receiving messages across the globe.

WhatsApp, bizarrely, seems to be completely down.

The popular messaging app, used across the world to communicate over the internet, rarely breaks.

But as more and more people tried to reach friends, participate in group chats and respond to messages, they realised something was definitely not right.

The website Down Detector, which tracks service interruptions and outages, reports that people are having issues with connection, receiving messages and even logging in all across the world.

WhatsApp itself doesn’t maintain a status page, and hasn’t used its Twitter account since 2016, but no matter – all affected parties seem to have turned to Twitter to help one another through this difficult time.

Gifs are the main way this support system seems to have sprung up.

They’re using the service to let other people in the same situation know they’re not alone.

But the unexpected outage has left some people very confused.

Very confused indeed.

Some are even considering very drastic measures to get back in contact with friends.

We’re not sure MSN is going to work…

More than a billion people are thought to use the Facebook-owned app for communicating, so it surely won’t be too long until the problem is fixed.

Until then, just breathe everyone…

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