Sunday 18 March 2018

What sort of damage can a 4,000 PSI BB gun do? Watch and find out

Disclaimer: The answer is a lot.

(YouTube/Giaco Whatever)
(YouTube/Giaco Whatever)

By Edd Dracott

Did you ever have a toy as a kid which you wished had a bit more oomph? A pedal-car begging for a V8 engine perhaps, or how about a super-charged BB gun?

Well, YouTube creator and craftsman Giacomo Di Muro is basically living your dreams – with a 4,000 PSI airsoft BB Gun…

“Lately I really like to take toys and push them to their limit,” Giacomo, from Italy, told the Press Association.

“I envisioned this to be super fast in terms of BBs per second and I was seriously impressed by the results.”

Looking at the destruction the gun caused, it’s not surprising Giacomo is happy with the results either.

(YouTube/Giaco Whatever)

An airsoft gun is powered using pressurised air and Giacomo managed to increase the rate of the BB gun’s rate of fire by coupling a vastly increased air pressure with more gun barrels – which is awesome, but didn’t half make a mess…


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Giacomo is a web serial entrepreneur who used to live in London and San Francisco, and he says he only started his venture into YouTube during a sabbatical year.

“I started this venture to share things I make that you can actually touch unlike my web products,” he said. “Stuff got a little out of hand and now it became my new startup.”

Now with over 450,000 subscribers and 41 million total views, Giacomo is a rising star on YouTube, and the BB gun is not the first toy to get his super-charging treatment – for example his take on the Nerf Gun is nothing short of lethal.

If you’d like to see more of Giacomo’s creations, go to his YouTube channel Giaco Whatever, or take a trip to his Facebook page.

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