Monday 11 December 2017

What should UK politicians say at the end of speeches? Twitter's come up with some hilarious suggestions

By Georgia Humphreys

US politicians finish speeches with “God bless America”, the French often end with “Long live the Republic, long live France” – what do we have?

After a radio host and journalist tweeted to ask what British politicians should end their speeches with, Twitter’s imagination went wild.

Julia Hartley-Brewer made the observation that when US politicians end speeches they say “God Bless America”, while French politicians often end with “Long live the Republic, long live France”.

So, she asked what the British equivalent is, and a real diverse range of suggestions came flooding in, from the very well-mannered…

…to the more outlandish and hilarious.

Then there were suggestions that were so typically British it hurts.

Obviously, tea got a mention too.

As did the great British institution that is EastEnders.

Well played, Twitter. Well played.

Press Association

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