Monday 20 May 2019

What is ‘big dick energy’ and who has it?

What do Rhianna, Pete Davidson and Professor McGonagall have in common?

Cartoon aubergines with different expressions (lioputra/Getty Images)
Cartoon aubergines with different expressions (lioputra/Getty Images)

By Taylor Heyman, Press Association

If you’ve been on Twitter in the last few days, it’s likely you’ve come across the phrase “big dick energy”. But what does it mean and who possesses this aura?

It looks like Twitter user @imbobswaget was the first to coin the term, referring to the cool, friendly confidence of beloved late chef Anthony Bourdain.

The next step in the evolution of big dick energy (BDE) was taken by users commenting on Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson, who is currently going out with singer Ariana Grande.

Speculation about the size of his “goods” was rampant after the pair began seeing each other, and Grande appeared (she was probably joking) to confirm his member really was large in response to a fan question.

“Like 10 inches?” she wrote in the now deleted tweet.


From that moment on, talk of BDE began to accelerate as people stated who they thought had it. So what does it really mean?

It would seem that BDE doesn’t require possession of a big penis, or any penis at all, merely the attitude of a well-endowed person. It’s someone secure in their body and personality, with a touch of swag.

Yep, that means Beyonce and Rhianna are great candidates for BDE. Some helpful Twitter users explain why:

So who else has BDE? Fictional characters, attractive men, the cast of Netflix’s hit show Queer Eye?

It may be fun, but this may be a short-lived phenomenon – people are already bored with it.

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