Saturday 19 January 2019

Welcome to Fort Asshole: A hideout a genius pet owner made for their cats

The fort comes with a sniper tower, obviously.

Cat with head popping out the fort
Cat with head popping out the fort

By Edd Dracott, Press Association

An intrepid and creative pet owner has created a hideout for their cats – complete with its own sniper tower.

Reddit user Teharu made the cardboard base, lovingly called Fort Asshole, for their cats Tesla, Darwin, Feta and Banjo.

The cat hideout

So, the burning quesiton, why is it called Fort Asshole?

“Well, cats are often considered being assholes and it’s a common thought that cats think themselves as our kings, unlike dogs who are loyal and grateful to their owners,” Teharu told the Press Association.

“I had seen lots of cat forts before with funny names so I wanted to make something as well because I think it gives each hideout some unique personality when they are named.”

A picture of the creation has received a huge response on Reddit, with more than 40,000 upvotes.


Despite the hideout’s exquisite appearance Teharu said it was simple to build.

“It’s basically just two boxes on top of each other and tapes here and there to support the structure,” they said. “Drawing the rifle was a bit difficult since I hadn’t drawn any before, so it ended up taking the most time.”

A cat with the hideout

But do the cats like it?

“I consider myself lucky since my cats absolutely love everything I craft for them so they immediately fell in love with it, especially because it is now the highest spot in the house,” they said.

A job well done.

Press Association

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