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Watch: Whippet sprints off and chases after horse in new Fenton-style viral hit

Trainer Jamie Osborne was left helplessly shouting “Bobby, Bobby, Bobby come here” as the dog disappeared into the distance.


(Jamie Osborne)

(Jamie Osborne)

(Jamie Osborne)

A whippet named Bobby is being described as the new Fenton after sprinting off and chasing after a racehorse.

Lambourn trainer Jamie Osborne was filming his string for an item on his website with Bobby by his side, when she suddenly sprinted away as the seven-year-old Hathal went past.

A helpless Osborne could only scream “Bobby, Bobby, Bobby come here” as the dog disappeared into the distance, but thankfully all involved emerged unscathed.

Osborne later posted another video, in which Bobby was safely secured to her lead.

He followed up later in the day with a picture of her taking a well-deserved rest on a sofa, still wearing her distinctive striped coat.

The video was a huge hit with Osborne’s followers, many of whom compared Bobby to Fenton, a Labrador who starred in a famous viral video back in 2011.

Fenton was famously seen chasing deer in Richmond Park, pursued by owner Max Findlay, who called the dog’s name and repeatedly bellowed the words “Jesus Christ!”

Bobby isn’t even the first dog in the last week to spring to prominence for chasing racehorses.

During the Sky Bet Chase at Doncaster on Saturday, a greyhound broke loose and was seen chasing down the field on the inside of the track.

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