Saturday 18 January 2020

Watch what happens to a giant gummy bear in a vacuum - it's kind of freaky

By Catherine Wyatt

These guys are doing important scientific work.

A vacuum chamber and a host of household objects – what could go wrong?

Joseph Rubino is a New Yorker in his 30s who, with a friend, owns a vacuum chamber. A vacuum chamber that now has its own mesmerisingYouTube channel.

In one clip a gummy bear is put in the chamber, and it behaves in a strange and slightly freaky way – just take a look for yourself.

Joe said he found something “compelling” about “fun, destructive experimentation”.

He said: “Thinking of great ideas is a kind of puzzle as well. Believe it or not, not everything has an interesting reaction in a vacuum chamber.”

Something that does react interestingly is McDonald’s sauce – waiting tensely for 28 of them to finally pop is actually kind of satisfying.

Joe said there are more plans in the works: “We have a long list of videos we are currently editing with some really interesting reactions.”

“For one we half filled the chamber with bubble bath (and water), complete with rubber duckies. For another, we tried a whoopee cushion.”

So keep your eyes peeled for some more fun (and strange) videos.

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