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Watch this sassy girl steal the Pope's hat


It was her second day in Rome.

Meeting the Pope is kind of a big deal – unless you’re the sassiest three-year-old known to man.

On a visit to the Vatican, little Estella was not content with just meeting the head of the Roman Catholic Church and one of the most important people *on this earth*.

Oh no – Estella decided to steal his hat as well.

She pulled a sneaky one, kissing the Pope and swiping his skullcap (yes, it’s really called a skullcap) from behind.

And fair play to Pope Francis, he had a chuckle and took the whole thing really well.

Especially seeing as the Pope is the only person allowed to wear a white zucchetto (the hat has many names) – priests, bishops and cardinals all have to wear different colours.

Estella’s godfather Mountain Butorac, who shared the video, said: “The Pope, security and the MCs all were laughing for a while afterwards.

“We thought it was hilarious!”

To top it all off, Estella only arrived in Rome on Tuesday, quickly making her name among the millions of tourists and securing legendary status.

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