Monday 12 November 2018

Watch this cheeky penguin hop aboard a research boat in Antarctica

Turns out penguins are known to be curious.

The cheeky penguin hopped aboard (Matt McKay/Australian Antarctic Division)
The cheeky penguin hopped aboard (Matt McKay/Australian Antarctic Division)

By Grace Rahman, Press Association

Researchers sailing in Antarctica managed to capture the moment a penguin hopped aboard their boat and had a nose around, before jumping back into the icy waters.

The team were from the Australian Antarctic Programme, and had been collecting water samples from Newcomb Bay before they were interrupted.

Matt McKay, who is part of the group working at a permanent Antarctica base called the Casey Station, managed to snap the following video on the expedition.

According to the Antarctic Division, there were no seals around to scare the penguin out of the water. It was probably just genuinely curious as to what they were doing.

And it wasn’t a one off. The expedition members reported having seven other penguins “drop in” that same day.

“Over the course of the day they were delighted to have eight curious penguins drop in to check out their work!” they tweeted.


And if you’re wondering about the red ice in the background, don’t worry – no penguins were harmed in the making of this video.

Rather unpleasantly, it’s regurgitated krill. Adelie penguins, like the one starring in this clip, eat krill to the point of vomiting.

Maybe they aren’t so adorable after all.

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