Wednesday 23 October 2019

Watch these adorable raccoons splash around in a pink paddling pool

Dr Martin Hugh-Jones has been feeding raccoons in his back garden for years, and this summer decided to give them a paddling pool.

(Nelly Hugh-Jones)
(Nelly Hugh-Jones)

By Taylor Heyman and Emily Chudy, Press Association

These adorable raccoons have found a novel way to cool down after Dr Martin Hugh-Jones and his daughter Nelly decided to treat them to a paddling pool.

The two little creatures can be seen splashing around in the pink pool, while around 11 others enjoyed receiving food in the garden.

The animal pool party took place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after Martin, who has been feeding the raccoons for years, decided to give them a place to cool off.

Nelly Hugh-Jones said: “My dad had been feeding raccoons in the backyard for several years and since I’ve been home I’ve helped, and enjoyed sitting and watching them.

“I’ve gotten some to trust me enough to take treats from my hand. Last summer I joked with my dad about getting a paddle pool for the raccoons, and decided to do it this summer after talking with a friend about how much we’d enjoy seeing them play in it.”

Martin has a veterinary degree from Cambridge University, and began feeding the raccoons in his garden over a decade ago, with their number growing and growing over the years.

He said: “They are beautiful creatures though sometimes bad tempered and selfish.”

Nelly said: “It’s been a huge success, we’re in Baton Rouge and it’s very humid and over 90 (30 Celsius) all summer, when the females have their babies.

“I got the pool after watching our head female… put as much of her body as possible in the water bowl. She and the other females like to go in the pool and cool off, the young play, and all of them drink from it and wash their food in it.”

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