Thursday 19 September 2019

Watch the weirdly gripping moment baseball fans united to throw a woman’s lost hat up a car park

She got her hat back, but it was a real rollercoaster.

World Series Astros Parade Baseball
World Series Astros Parade Baseball

By Kameron Virk

As far as subjects for stories go, a woman dropping her hat off a car park and then having it returned a few minutes later doesn’t sound like a particularly gripping one.

But that’s what happened during the Houston Astros’ World Series celebrations on Saturday, and it’s actually a pretty thrilling watch.

Warning: you’re about to become engrossed in something very mundane.

The Astros exemplified team work on the field all season, and at their celebrations the fans demonstrated what they’re capable of.

After dropping a hat, the person in question got it back by people on each level throwing it up until it reached her. There were some hiccups but it got there in the end – and received a raucous reception too.

Exciting stuff. So exciting it’s probably worth seeing from another angle.

What a rollercoaster that was. The people of Houston clearly have each other’s backs.

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