Monday 27 January 2020

Watch: Someone gave this bird a mirror and she was stunned by what she saw

‘When your own beauty takes you by surprise…’

(Santa Barbara Zoo)
(Santa Barbara Zoo)

By Press Association Reporters

A tawny frogmouth gazed into the mirror and found herself startled by what she saw.

The clip, which was filmed at Santa Barbara Zoo in California, shows the bird, named Jarrah, completely transfixed by her own reflection.

The zoo wrote on their Facebook page: “When your own beauty takes you by surprise… mirrors are a fun form of an enrichment for a lot of the Zoo’s animals, including the tawny frogmouth!

“New enrichment, experiences, and activities help keep our animals stimulated mentally, physically, and socially.”

When your own beauty takes you by surprise… �� Mirrors are a fun form of an enrichment for a lot of the Zoo’s animals,...

Posted by Santa Barbara Zoo on Thursday, July 26, 2018

Tawny frogmouths are native to Australia, and while they look like owls, they are actually more closely related to nightjars, a zoo spokesman said.

The nocturnal birds are known for their camouflage abilities and when they feel in danger, they will attempt to blend with their surroundings, which might involve mimicking a tree branch.

The clip has gone down well with Facebook users, with one saying “Whoever made this post, take their salary and double it” and another adding “What a face! I love that bird!!”

The zoo spokesman said: “Jarrah here is one of our education birds, meaning she’ll come out for visits with guests so that they can interact with her more intimately and have a chance to learn more about her species.”

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