Tuesday 16 July 2019

Watch: Rare footage shows titanic waterspout off the coast of Italy

The incredible rotating column was filmed from an island southwest of Sicily.


By Edd Dracott, Press Association

Incredible footage shows a mammoth waterspout marauding across the sea off the Italian coast.

The footage, taken near to Pantelleria – an island south-west of Sicily, sees the vast tornado pulling seawater into the air.

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Malotempo #pantelleria #island #trombadacqua #puntafram #suvaki #

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Waterspouts are rotating columns of air and water that form due to a whirlwind passing over a large body of water, usually the sea.

Though rare they are most common in the tropics, but do occur in Europe, in this case on the Mediterranean, from time to time – as well as other areas such as Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica.

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A post shared by Grazia Cucci (@graziacuccipantelleria) on

The video was shared to Instagram by Grazia Cucci, who later added an image of the same view without the remarkable weather event.

The Independent reports that fortunately no one was hurt by the powerfully water cyclone.

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