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Watch newborn polar bear triplets interact with mother at Dutch zoo

This is the most adorable thing you will see today.

CCTV footage has captured the moments shortly after triplet polar bear cubs were born at a zoo in Rhenen, the Netherlands.


In a short video released by the wildlife park, Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenenark, the proud mother can be seen licking her three newborns as they lie next to her.

The cubs were born on Saturday (22 November) to a polar bear named Freedom and according to the zoo the babies are all in good health.

Staff at the wildlife park are celebrating the birth but have not yet approached the family in case they upset the mother.

The cubs have not been weighed either, however zoo keepers are keeping a close eye on the polar bears via CCTV.


A post on the zoo’s Facebook page read, “The birth of triplets is unique and rearing them is even very rare. The coming weeks so exciting.”

The father of the three cubs is called Victor and lives in Yorkshire Wildlife Park in the UK, after he was moved there from Holland back in August.

Victor was part of the European breeding programme for polar bears until recently when he was retired from the programme.

The 15-year-old polar bear has fathered at least 10 cubs.

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