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WATCH: 'Miracle cat' Ruthie Rosemary reunited with family after surviving forest fire with only singed whiskers


A cat named Ruthie Rosemary nearly used up one of her nine lives recently when she escaped from a forest fire in Northern California.

Debi and Jeff Brusatori thought their beloved tabby had perished in the 22,312-acre wildfire that destroyed their home.

As the  sweeping flames moved close to their Hayfork home, the couple were forced to flee in their car loaded with belongings.

But the cat, which is 3 to 4 years old, jumped out and the couple had to leave her behind as the flames drew closer, the US forest service said.

Five days later, the couple returned to find their home in ruins and thought Ruthie Rosemary hadn't made it.

But then they heard a “meow” near a badly burned truck.

As the couple searched for the familiar sound, they found their precious pet hiding under the truck.

National Forest officials said the blaze was “so intense that aluminum parts of the vehicles melted.”

Miraculously, the tabby was unharmed, except that its whiskers and eyebrows were singed by flames.

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