Monday 26 August 2019

Watch: Daring thieves leap from moving car on to lorry travelling at 50mph

The gang in Sweden opened the back doors of the lorry whilst it was travelling on the motorway.

The thieves break in
The thieves break in

By Edd Dracott

Thieves in Sweden have been caught stealing valuables from a lorry travelling at 50mph in a stunt which seems like something from a Fast And Furious movie.

Swedish postal service PostNord had noticed recurring cases of thefts from trucks on a specific stretch of road, so it fitted cameras to the relevant vehicle.

Sure enough the cameras caught the gang breaking open the truck’s doors whilst driving behind it and leaping inside – jumping from the front of their car.

Unfortunately for the thieves, PostNord’s security was watching them live and police – who had been stationed in unmarked cars – were soon at the scene.


“It is extremely unusual to catch a gang involved in this form of advanced crime – breaking open locks and getting into a truck at high speed,” said Alexis Larsson, head of security and complaints at PostNord.

The specific stretch of road was between Vara and Alingsas in the west of Sweden, and Postnord said co-operation with police in the latter locality helped catch the thieves.

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