Wednesday 21 March 2018

WATCH: Britain overrun by millions of 'exploding' yellow spiders Newsdesk Newsdesk

Clusters of baby garden spiders have been intriguing people across Britain, who've been posting pictures on social media.

Concerned householders have posted pictures of the arachnids forming groups in a variety of places, such as door handles, walls and bins.

These garden spiders, which can be born in batch of 300 to 800, hatch around this time every year, but 2015's batch seem to already be bigger than their previous generations.

Social media users have dubbed these creatures 'exploding spiders', because if they're disturbed, the cluster will break up into hundreds of individual arachnids. The spiders use their silken webs to disperse to safety, the British Arachnological Society tells the Mirror.

"Once the danger has passed, they climb back up the web and form a clump again.

"Before emerging from their egg sac, the spiderlings moult once.

"Once emerged, they remain together until they have moulted yet again and grown big enough to be independent."

Predators that eat and attack these harmless garden spiders include birds, wasps and lizards.

Previously videos of similar spider clusters have gone viral. This video shows an unidentified user poking what appears to be a ball of twigs, before it explodes and thousands of large, long-legged spiders come rushing out.

The apparently fearless user then pokes the bundle again, prompting fresh waves of spiders to explode out from the tree, towards the camera.

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