Friday 22 November 2019

Watch: Baby orangutan and surrogate mum investigate film camera

Anggun and Monti were paired together after both losing their parents.

(International Animal Rescue)
(International Animal Rescue)

By EdwardD

Conservationists from West Borneo have shared delightful footage of a baby orangutan and her new surrogate mother.

Little Anggun was being filmed hanging out with her adopted mum Monti when she decided she rather liked the look of the camera equipment – so went to take a closer look.

The baby ape was being kept as a pet until she was confiscated by police and taken into the care of International Animal Rescue (IAR)’s Orangutan Conservation Centre in Ketapang.

(International Animal Rescue)

After being separated from her mother, Anggun was paired with Monti at the centre who has been looking after her since.

Anggun was first placed in a cage alongside Monti, before moving in together – when to the delight of their caretakers, Monti took the tiny baby into her arms and provided her with comfort.

(International Animal Rescue)

Monti has been at the centre for nine years in preparation for being released back into the wild and it is hoped she will teach Anggun the skills needed to survive.

“After suffering the sad loss of their own mothers, both Monti and Anggun seem to be deriving great comfort from each other,” said IAR’s CEO ALan Knight.

“Which gives us real hope for their future back in the wild together.”

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