Wednesday 17 January 2018 can actually order salad from Domino's?

By Prudence Wade

Why would you order salad from a pizza place?!

When Michael Stern posted a picture of his salad on Twitter, you’d think that the main problem would be the huge bug crawling amongst the lettuce leaves.

But no, this wasn’t the main issue people had with the picture. No one can quite seem to wrap their heads around the fact that Domino’s actually makes salads.

Who would have thought that Domino’s, purveyor of deliciously cheesy pizzas that aren’t exactly the healthiest of dinners, actually makes salads?

Not only that, but people are slightly confused as to why someone would actually choose to order a salad from Domino’s. Seriously, you could have had a pizza!

In fact, some of the meaner spirited types on Twitter think that Stern had the bug coming. He did make the curious choice of a salad from a pizza place, and that’s on him.

Stern got so much stick that he even felt it necessary to explain that it wasn’t actually his salad.

And don’t worry, because Domino’s seems to be on top of the whole bug situation.

All bugs aside, at least something was learned today. If you’re trying to be healthy and your friends want to order Domino’s, there’s apparently the option of salad.

However, there are no guarantees you’ll still have friends after you place your leafy order.

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