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Wait, did Jeremy Corbyn accidentally give an audience member the middle finger on live TV?

Well, that was unexpected.


Tonight Jeremy Corbyn faced questions from a live studio audience in The Battle For Number 10, and you’d be forgiven for assuming that everyone was talking about politics. But no – instead, everyone was more preoccupied with Corbyn’s middle finger.

It looked like Corbyn accidentally gave an audience member the middle finger when answering their question of whether he’s the right man for the job – which definitely isn’t something you expect to see on the campaign trail.


First there was confusion and disbelief – did the leader of the Labour Party actually stick his middle finger up during a live debate?

Yep, pretty sure he did.

Some people are loving the accidentally baller move from Corbyn.

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All politics aside, people are convinced that this image of Corbyn with his middle finger up will become a viral meme in no time.

Wait, can anyone actually remember what politics were discussed on the programme? All this middle finger chat seems to have eclipsed everything else.

Some are even questioning whether it was indeed an accidental flipping of the bird or not.

Well, that’s a mystery we’ll never solve.

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