Tuesday 23 January 2018

Volunteers needed for toad patrol

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Volunteers are needed to carry toads safely across busy roads to make it to their breeding ponds.

An interactive map has been created showing where toads are likely to need assistance and avoid traffic.

The Toads On Roads map pinpoints registered crossings where patrols have already been set up but need extra helpers or have yet to attract volunteers.

It is hoped the map, created for Peterborough-based charity Froglife, will make it easier for nature lovers to sign up for the voluntary patrol work.

Sivi Sivanesan, public engagement officer for Froglife, said: " In 2013 volunteer toad patrollers saved over 74,254 toads at 132 crossing sites in the UK. This is a fantastic result especially as we know that this is the minimum number saved as some crossings don't submit data.

"Sadly, toads and other amphibians are still killed by traffic, even on manned patrol sites. Imagine sites where there are only one or two people trying desperately to save animals, or where there are no patrollers because there are no volunteers, or it's too dangerous to patrol?"

Over the next few weeks volunteers will help to carry toads across roads in order to help the animals move safely towards their breeding ponds.

Froglife created the map with help from volunteers at Heaser Business Consulting.

Sivi said: "Patrol sites need your help to keep patrols active year after year. We hope that this new interactive map will help boost volunteer numbers at sites by making it easier and quicker to find a site near their postcode, and contact the registered patrol group directly."

To find a patrol visit www.froglife.org/TORmap.

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