Monday 14 October 2019

Vans fans start ‘off the wall’ social media challenge with their trainers

Owners of the popular skate shoes are claiming their footwear will always land face up.

Shoes hanging from a telephone wire (Credit: GaryVW/Getty)
Shoes hanging from a telephone wire (Credit: GaryVW/Getty)

By Genea Saunders, Press Association

Hundreds of owners of Vans trainers are causing a viral sensation by insisting their favourite footwear always lands face up.

The sole-searching craze has drawn thousands of views across Twitter as owners throw their beloved footwear in the air in a bid to prove they will land in an upright position.

Tweeters deemed the theory to be “scary true” and insisted no matter how many times they throw the shoes, they always land facing up.

Twitter user @Ibelievethehype appears to have started the challenge by posting a video showing the phenomenon on Saturday evening, saying: “Did you know it doesn’t matter how you throw your vans they land facing up.”

Their video has received more than 50,000 retweets since.

Twitter user @psycho_mamii also attempted the trick and commented: “I read the theory of how no matter what way you throw vans they land upright and I’ve been entertained for the last 20 minutes.”

Vans owners worldwide have been sharing their best attempts.

One Twitter user insisted “if your vans don’t land facing up… they’re fake”, leaving many others heartbroken when they could not repeat the feat.

Vans, whose company slogan is “off the wall”, declined to comment.

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