Saturday 16 November 2019

Uproar as this weird dish is dubbed ‘a quintessential British comfort classic’

The internet begs to differ.

(robynmac/Getty Images)
(robynmac/Getty Images)

By Prudence Wade

Roasts, Yorkshire pudding and fish and chips: all quintessential British comfort classics. But minced beef on toast? Not so much.

Brits are no strangers to putting things on toast (like beans or cheese), but it’s a bit of a surprise to see mince on toast termed “a quintessential British comfort classic” by Eater.

It’s not like mince on toast is a monstrosity – in fact, it looks quite tasty – but quintessential? Brits on the internet aren’t having any of that.

Mince on toast? How about no.

It may be the first time you’ll ever see such overwhelming agreement on an issue on Twitter.

Maybe it’s a simple case of mistranslation?

Luckily, one Irishman was on hand to clear up the whole mess.

That thread continues in very much the same way, and you probably get the sarcastic picture.

The uproar around mince-on-toast-gate became so real that Eater had to step in to clear things up.

Hmm. Quintessentially British instead of a British classic? It’s unlikely the internet will buy that one either.

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