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Uplifting news: Knitted NHS workers and a lost dog returned home

A round-up of Wednesday’s feelgood stories.

A lost sausage dog was returned home with the help of some cooked bacon, while a woman has knitted miniature versions of NHS nurses, in Wednesday’s news.

These are some of the more uplifting stories you might have missed.

– Floyd the sausage dog found with the help of bacon

A terrified sausage dog who spent three days lost on farmland was reunited with his emotional owners after they tried to entice him from his hiding place by cooking bacon.

Floyd, a seven-month-old miniature sausage dog, bolted into a field in Middleton Tyas, North Yorkshire, when he was frightened by barking on Friday evening.

After Floyd’s owners received advice to cook bacon to lure Floyd home, the dog returned to very happy owners.

Owner Doug Dinwiddie said: “We felt such relief. He has got away with blue murder since. No-one tells him off anymore.”

– Knitter makes dolls as ‘kind gesture’ for team of nurses on mental health ward

A knitter has hand made dolls for a team of mental health nurses to cheer them up as they work on the front line.

Anne Gleave Lowe, whose daughter-in-law works on the acute mental health ward at Tameside Hospital in Manchester, has been making dolls to cheer up the team during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Showing off a photo of her doll, Terrie Mitchell, a nurse on the ward, tweeted: “Happy International Nurses’ Day from me and my mini me… Massive thanks to Suzanne’s mother-in-law who made all the team their own cute little NHS doll.”

Ms Mitchell, 37, said: “A family member of another nurse within the team is making them [the dolls] for all the staff.

“It’s such a kind gesture and a lovely surprise for the team. Anne and I have never met but I think she’s captured our characters perfectly.”

– 15-year-old girl moves in to help great-grandmother in lockdown

A 15-year-old who has moved in with her 90-year-old great-grandmother to care for her during the lockdown has made her family beam with pride, her mother said.

Joanna Murray has picked up cooking and cleaning skills during the seven weeks looking after Mary Murray, who lives close to Joanna’s parents in South Tyneside.

The teenager was staying with her great-grandmother before lockdown to keep her company and once it was announced, she returned home and packed a bag of clothes.

Her mother Diane, 39, said: “I am absolutely beaming that she has done this. She told me that my nana needed her more than we did.

“Joanna is selfless, she is putting other people before her own needs.”

– Cat rescued after 36 hours stuck up a tree in Cardiff

A cat named Panthro was rescued by the RSPCA after spending 26 hours stuck up a tree in Cardiff.

An RSPCA officer tempted and coaxed the cat down as far as possible using food, before firefighters utilised ladders to safely retrieve the cat and reunite him with his delighted owner.

RSPCA inspector Darren Oakley said: “Poor Panthro had got himself into a real tricky situation – and spent 36 hours horribly stuck in this St Mellons tree.

“We’re really grateful to firefighters who helped us come to the aid of this cat and secure a happy ending.

“Panthro’s owners were of course absolutely delighted to have him home safely, and thankfully he was fine despite this rather frightening adventure.”

– Baby camels having the ‘best time ever’ after being born in lockdown

Two camels born at Yorkshire Wildlife Park during lockdown are having “the best time ever”, according to keepers.

The two camels, Marvin and Merlin, were born on April 10 and April 23 respectively.

Hoofstock team leader Ayshea Seston said: “Both of the new calves are males and seem to be having the best time ever, enjoying the sun, bonding with their mothers, and getting to know the rest of the herd.

“It is great to have new babies here at the park. They create so much joy among the animals and the rangers, especially during such uncertain times.”

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