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Uplifting news: Kittens given NHS names and newborn recovers from Covid-19

A round-up of today’s feelgood stories.

Three rescued kittens have been named in honour of the NHS, while a baby born prematurely in Scotland has recovered from Covid-19.

Here’s a look at some of Tuesday’s more uplifting stories which you might have missed.

– Rescued kittens given NHS names

Three tiny kittens have been rescued from a garden and named after key figures from the history of the NHS.

They have been called Nye, after Aneurin Bevan, who founded the NHS; AJ, after AJ Cronin, whose book The Citadel paved the way for the service; and Elizabeth, after Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first woman to qualify in Britain as a physician and surgeon.

The three-day-old kittens were abandoned when their feral mother was unintentionally disturbed by a cat-loving member of the public who walked into a garden near Redruth, Cornwall, where they were sheltering.

– ‘Scotland’s youngest Covid-19 patient’ recovers

A three-week-old girl who was believed to be Scotland’s youngest coronavirus patient has recovered from the virus to the delight of her parents and the medical team who cared for her.

Peyton Maguire was born eight weeks prematurely on March 26 and was delivered by C-section at University Hospital Wishaw, after her mother, Tracy Maguire, was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia.

After being cared for in an incubator in the neonatal unit, the 3lb 11oz baby tested positive for Covid-19 on April 15 – despite not having any symptoms.

On Monday, after two negative tests, Peyton has now been allowed to leave the hospital with her parents.

Mrs Maguire said: “Watching the staff at work was incredible. They put their lives at risk to make sure my baby was getting fed and cuddled.”

– Former MasterChef contestant cooking for elderly neighbour

A former MasterChef contestant has been treating an elderly neighbour in lockdown to gourmet meals every day.

Anthony O’Shaughnessy, who reached the semi-finals of the show in 2018, has been staying with his mother in Newcastle for the lockdown period and has been treating his neighbour Peter, who is in his seventies, to delicious meals every day.

He said: “I thought I’d share it on Twitter to set a good example because I just thought if we hadn’t called and checked on him we’d never have known he was in need, to be honest.

“I think a lot of that generation are quite proud and they don’t want to ask for help.”

– Bird’s-eye footage shows NHS tribute

Drone footage shows an incredible tribute to the NHS created by a firefighter.

Bird’s-eye video shows sweeping views of the countryside at sunset where Tom Westcott mowed a touching message to the UK’s healthcare workers into a field.

The giant letters spelling out “Thank you NHS” can be clearly seen in the video, posted on Twitter by Kent Fire and Rescue Service on Tuesday.

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