Monday 18 November 2019

'Ugliest' dog seeks a new home

An abandoned Staffordshire bull terrier is looking for a new home
An abandoned Staffordshire bull terrier is looking for a new home

An animal charity appealed for a home for what has been dubbed Scotland's ugliest dog.

Marble, a Staffordshire bull terrier, was found roaming the streets of Greenock, near Glasgow, after having apparently been abandoned.

Staff at the Scottish SPCA re-homing centre in Glasgow think it was abandoned because it is getting too old to have puppies.

Marbles is struggling to find a new home because it is passed over in favour of prettier animals. It has a skin infection that has left scabs on its stomach and chest, has different coloured eyes and unusually pink ears and nose.

But staff at the centre said Marbles has a lovely personality and would make the perfect pet.

Kennel assistant Alan Grant said: "She's a very biddable wee dog, she's very easy to handle and she's never given us any problems.

"She may have served her purpose as a breeding dog, and obviously she's not breeding anymore, so maybe that is why she is with us.

"She's got balder, thinning patches on her stomach. We have treated her and it seems to have cleared up quite well."

Some potential owners are also put off by Marble's breed.

Mr Grant said: "Staffies were a status symbol dog and a lot of people took them on because of the appearance of them, they thought they were going to be fierce."

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