Tuesday 26 March 2019

Twitter users are updating film and TV titles with puns to make them internet-themed

Planet of the Apps, anyone?

A man and a woman watch television on a laptop
A man and a woman watch television on a laptop

By Max McLean, Press Association

What better way to blow off steam on a Friday night than to come together on Twitter to make some brilliant film puns?

That’s what Twitter users have been doing with the hashtag #InternetAFilmOrTVShow, transforming some of the greats of the silver screen into more modern movies.

Get the idea?

If Pixar hadn’t had to funds to bring Finding Nemo to life…

This would just be a film about Earth.

That day Ferris Bueller decided to stay off the internet.

In which James Bond’s biggest problem is his outdated modem.

Bringing soap operas into the 21st century.

In a way, a butler is like an old-fashioned search engine.

A train however, really isn’t.

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