Wednesday 23 January 2019

Tuneful toothbrush: You’ve never heard Mozart like this before

Mitch Lagos has created music using only his mouth, a toothbrush and toothpaste,

Mitch Lagos is a virtuoso with his toothbrush. (Mitch Lagos/PA)
Mitch Lagos is a virtuoso with his toothbrush. (Mitch Lagos/PA)

By Taylor Heyman, Press Association

If you are trying to get into Mozart, this video may be for you.

Mitch Lagos, a 26-year old actor, musician, director, writer and composer has filmed a video performing Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik using only a toothbrush, toothpaste and his mouth.

Lagos, originally from Australia, says the idea for the amusing video “just popped into my head one day”.

“I’ve always been able to make pitch with my cheeks; brushing my teeth or by cheek flicking,” he told the Press Association.

“I often play songs for friends or kids. And I’ve always enjoyed doing a cappella-type arrangements.

This light-hearted video is part of a series Lagos is working on to produce a video per day.

“I spent a few weeks at a silent meditation retreat in Thailand, after which I felt quite perturbed and a little depressed,” he said.

“My friend told me to make one video a day. So this is a part of that series.

“Each day, I would wake up, do some writing and try to come up with an idea, film it, edit it, share it all in one day… It’s very important to just do the thing. It really helped balance me out.”

Lagos’ YouTube channel is full of weird and wonderful videos. “I lived in a graffiti house for about 6 months. It was an explosion of colour and creativity,” he said.

“That’s very much how I’d like my channel to be seen. It’s certainly an absurd comedy where I try to push the boundaries of appropriate topics and content. So far so good. I think fun, quirky, absurd and super duper!”

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