Monday 18 December 2017

Tube strike: Londoner rides penny-farthing to work

Alan Price cycles to work in London on a penny-farthing
Alan Price cycles to work in London on a penny-farthing

One Londoner managed to beat the Tube strike by cycling to work on a 19th century-style penny-farthing bicycle.

Alan Price, who has owned a penny-farthing since the 1980s, used the bike to commute from his home near Battersea Bridge to Parsons Green.

A former helicopter pilot and lover of motorbikes, Mr Price claims he always likes to travel in style and also owns a Segway - a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle.

Mr Price, 62, said his two-mile journey was relatively "easy" despite the strike.

"There was actually less traffic this morning than usual. There was probably a few more bikes on the road but definitely not as many cars and buses as expected. I think everyone has probably tried to stay and work from home," he added.

Mr Price also competes as a penny-farthing polo player for England and claims the Victorian bicycles are more stable at lower speeds than their modern counterparts.

"You can get up to about 25mph on them but I wouldn't advise it. They actually work in the opposite way to modern bikes which become more stable as you pick up speed," he said.

Despite having fun on his way through the city, Mr Price criticised the striking Tube workers for forcing Londoners to "endure unnecessary suffering and inconvenience".

Press Association

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