Saturday 21 September 2019

Try not to cry at this video of a man seeing in colour for the first time

Natasha Dailey bought Enchroma glasses as a surprise for her fiance.

Micah Hicks sees colours for the first time (Natasaha Dailey/PA)
Micah Hicks sees colours for the first time (Natasaha Dailey/PA)

By Emily Chudy, Press Association

An emotional video of a colour-blind man seeing in full colour with the help of special glasses has touched the hearts of social media users.

Natasha Dailey, 21, gifted her fiance Micah Hicks, 21, a pair of Enchroma glasses, which help enhance colour vision in those with colour blindness.

The touching video shows Hicks trying on the glasses for the first time and bursting into tears as they help him to see a full spectrum of colours.

Hicks, from Days Creek, Oregon, has a form of red-green colour blindness, which affects the ability to distinguish between reds, greens, browns and oranges.

Dailey said: “These glasses were something we’ve always talked about when he first told me that he was colour blind. I always saw reaction videos and I thought that they were so amazing, but when I checked the price tag, the minimum turned out to be a pretty penny.

“This was back when I was employed, but before I had the chance to purchase a pair for him, we had gotten pregnant and I became a stay-at-home mother to look after our one-year-old son.

“I discovered that they offered a campaign option directly through the website. I read other success stories and I told myself, ‘if all of these other people were able to get them for their loved ones, it’s worth a shot.’ So, I started my campaign with a goal of $350. I was ecstatic when my campaign ended in only three days.

“When I saw that I had reached my goal, I cried tears of happiness. The whole thing was a surprise, so keeping it a secret was so hard!”

Enchroma glasses are an optical assistive device, which enhance colour vision, and are estimated to be effective for four out of five cases of red-green colour blindness.

The glasses cost from $349 for adults (around £250). Dailey created a fundraiser to raise the amount needed for glasses, and was donated the money within three days.

She said: “I can never begin to explain how grateful I am for this opportunity, and how thankful I am of everyone who shared my campaign and especially to those generous souls who donated.

“My heart is so happy, and he’s able to finally see colours like us now. He sees our son like I do.”

Dailey told the Press Association that Hicks has been wearing the glasses often since filming the surprise video.

Dailey said: “It was a very emotional moment. We even went for a scenic drive to town and stopped at the grocery store to look at all of the colours of the produce.

“The glasses were actually going to be a 22nd birthday present for him in May, but I reached my goal much faster than I anticipated and I just couldn’t wait.”

People on social media rushed to give their support to the couple, with many saying the video made them cry.

According to Enchroma, over 300 million people worldwide are affected by red-green colour vision deficiency, also called colour blindness.

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