Friday 23 August 2019

Trump criticised for tweeting a message of support for the ‘wrong’ US shooting

The US president referenced a shooting which happened 10 days ago.

Donald Trump tweet
Donald Trump tweet

By Taylor Heyman

Donald Trump has drawn criticism for apparently tweeting about the wrong mass shooting when offering support to victims of a gunman.

It is assumed the US president intended to offer support after the shooting  in Ranchero Tehama, California, on Tuesday, in which four people were killed and 10 others injured.

The gunman, named by authorities as Kevin Neal, visited seven locations brandishing a semi-automatic rifle. He was later shot by police after a stand-off.


Trump sent out a tweet apparently in reference to the incident, but it referred to the Sutherland Springs shooting in Texas on November 5, when 26 people were killed at the First Baptist Church. Devin Kelly’s victims ranged in age from five to 72.

Comment on the apparent error came swiftly from Twitter users, who accused the president of copying and pasting the tweet due to its similarity to one he sent on November 5.

Even TV presenter Piers Morgan, a friend of the US leader, tweeted Trump to point out his error.

Shortly after the tweet in question, Trump tweeted that it was “great to be home” from his trip to Asia over the last fortnight. He visited Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines during his tour.

Four hours after the tweet was sent, despite criticism, it remained live on the social network.

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