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Travelogue wins oddest title vote


This year's oddest book title has been announced

This year's oddest book title has been announced

This year's oddest book title has been announced

A self-published travelogue called Strangers Have The Best Candy has won the award for the oddest book title of the year after it was nominated by its own author.

Margaret Meps Schulte triumphed in a public vote ahead of writers of tomes including Divorcing A Real Witch: For Pagans And The People Who Used To Love Them, Nature's Nether Regions and Advanced Pavement Research.

Her book is based on a series of conversations she had with strangers while travelling through America.

The Diagram Prize, run by The Bookseller magazine, does not have a cash award but organisers give a bottle of "passable claret" to the person who nominates the winning entry.

Ms Schulte said: " What does the title mean? Strangers can have gifts for us, if we take the time to talk with them. The 'candy' might be a bit of information or a few kind words. It might be the start of a lifelong friendship. My willingness to talk with anyone has brought me once-in-a-lifetime experiences, flashes of insight, unexpected gifts, delicious meals and gracious hospitality."

The Bookseller's Tom Tivnan, who co-ordinates the prize, said: " Quite frankly, I am relieved. With the public recently giving the Diagram crown to the likes of How To Poo On A Date, Cooking With Poo and If You Want Closure In Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs, I despaired for a populace becoming obsessed with smut and filth. I welcome the return to the clean, wholesome fun of the Diagram's roots."

The prize was set up in 1978 by two publishers as a way to pass the time at the Frankfurt Book Fair and other past winners include 1992's How To Avoid Huge Ships and 1996's Greek Rural Postmen And Their Cancellation Numbers.

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