Monday 23 April 2018

Town abuzz after bees descend on car

Tom Moses spotted more than 10,000 bees on a car in Haverfordwest
Tom Moses spotted more than 10,000 bees on a car in Haverfordwest

Thousands of bees have created a "spectacular" buzz after swarming on to the boot of a car.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park ranger Tom Moses spotted a "brown splodge" on the back of a Mitsubishi Outlander in Castle Square, Haverfordwest, on Sunday.

It was only when he looked closer that he saw it was more than 10,000 bees.

Mr Moses, 41, said: "I have never seen that many bees in one spot. It was very unusual and then you go and take a closer look, it is quite spectacular.

"They were packed in quite tight and covered a couple of square feet. There was a lot of buzzing and moving.

"It was interesting to see such a natural phenomenon but there were a lot of people around and I was a bit worried of the bees and the people passing by, their children stopping to look at it. It was the middle of a town and outside a pub. I thought that someone might do something stupid."

Mr Moses said the swarm might have been attracted to a queen bee or a smell on the car.

He called the Pembrokeshire Beekeepers' Association and two beekeepers helped to remove the swarm by luring the bees into a cardboard box on the roof of the car.

Mr Moses, of Haverfordwest, spent about three hours at the scene, and was stung five times on the head, neck and behind the ears.

He said: "My stings are a bit itchy but they are not too bad now. I am pleased it all worked out and I was able to help. People need to realise that bees are valuable things and they need to be looked after and not to be hurt."

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