Monday 26 February 2018

Topman drops sexism-row T-shirts

Retailer Topman has withdrawn two T-shirts after complaints over sexist slogans
Retailer Topman has withdrawn two T-shirts after complaints over sexist slogans

High street clothing chain Topman has stopped selling two of its t-shirts after a backlash from social media users who said they were offensive to women and could be thought to condone domestic violence.

One of the printed slogan t-shirts read: "Nice new girlfriend - what breed is she?" and provoked a fierce response on Twitter and Facebook.

Bella Mackie, who works for the Guardian newspaper, tweeted: "Seriously, comparing women to dogs? Classy."

On the men's clothing chain's Facebook page, Alex Chadburn said: "Topman used to be cool, then they decided to redesign the stores, and now this??? im ashamed."

The second controversial t-shirt featured a tick-list of excuses for doing something wrong.

The red t-shirt said "I'm so sorry, but..." and then featured the following list of excuses: "You provoked me; I was drunk; I was having a bad day; I hate you; I didn't mean it; I couldn't help it."

Also commenting on Topman's Facebook page, Helen Highwater said: "The T-shirts were highly objectionable and quite frankly, a relic from a past I thought we'd escaped from. There's nothing 'funny' or 'light-hearted' about casual misogyny or domestic abuse."

Topman, which is part of billionaire Sir Philip Green's retail empire, has now withdrawn the t-shirts from sale and apologised for any offence caused by the designs.

"We have received some negative feedback regarding two of our printed T-shirts," a statement said.

"Whilst we would like to stress that these t-shirts were meant to be light-hearted and carried no serious meaning we have made the decision to remove these from store and online as soon as possible. We would like to apologise to those who may have been offended by these designs."

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