Tuesday 23 January 2018

Too Naked For The Nazis beats History Of The Anus to oddest book title prize

This year's Oddest Book Title of the Year contest was the closest ever, said The Bookseller magazine
This year's Oddest Book Title of the Year contest was the closest ever, said The Bookseller magazine

Too Naked For The Nazis has been named the strangest book title of the year, narrowly beating Reading From Behind: A Cultural History Of The Anus.

The eye-catching title landed the top spot in The Bookseller's Diagram Prize for the Oddest Book Title of the Year, in what organisers have described as the closest contest "of all time".

Alan Stafford's biography of a musical hall act gained 24.8% of the public vote, putting it just ahead of Dr Jonathan Allan's examination of "the grand narrative" of the anus, which received 24.3%.

Transvestite Vampire Biker Nuns From Outer Space: A Consideration Of Cult Film by Mark Kirwan-Hayhoe, with 20.7% of the vote, took third place in the contest organised by industry magazine The Bookseller.

Horace Bent, The Bookseller's diarist who has run the contest since 1982, said it was the narrowest margin of victory since public voting was introduced in 2000.

"When future historians write about 2016, they will inevitably look at two seismic events: the closest Diagram Prize race of all time, and the election of President Trump which led to the downfall of Western civilisation," he said.

"Until that dire time, we can celebrate a worthy winner from one of the strongest Diagram shortlists in recent memory."

He added that voters "penchant for nudity" goes back to the contest's first winner - Proceedings Of The Second International Workshop On Nude Mice.

The Diagram Prize was founded in 1978 by Trevor Bounford and Bruce Robertson as a way to avoid boredom at the annual Frankfurt book fair, organisers said.

Previous winners include The Big Book Of Lesbian Horse Stories (2003) and Cooking With Poo (2012).

In 1987 and 1991 there was no award "owing to a lack of odd titles published".

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