Saturday 16 December 2017

Tim Farron and Andrew Neil could not stop talking over each other during the Andrew Neil Interviews

Did anybody manage to get a word in?

By Max McLean

In the latest Andrew Neil interview, the broadcaster found himself engaged in a squabble with Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron when the pair continued talking over one another.

In a heated interview, Neil began questioning Farron on Brexit before the conversation descended into chaos, with the interviewer attempting to ask questions while the Lib Dem leader tried to answer them.

The public were divided on the issue of who was in the right – some saw it as a disastrous moment for the Lib Dem leader…

…while others thought he came across well, with Neil’s line of questioning to blame.

The rest of the interview was littered with similar smaller examples of both Neil and Farron talking over one another, and ended similarly.

Farron wanted to make one last pitch to the voters, saying: “Here’s the big offer. Here’s the big offer,” but Neil was keen to inform him he’d run out of time.

It’s safe to say that could have gone better for both men.

Press Association

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