Sunday 18 August 2019

Tiger found resting in house after flooding in India

It is thought the animal was startled next to a highway, whereupon it sought refuge in the home.

A tiger takes a nap in a house in Assam, India (Dr Samshul Ali/IFAW-WTI)
A tiger takes a nap in a house in Assam, India (Dr Samshul Ali/IFAW-WTI)

By Max McLean, Press Association

A tiger was found relaxing on a bed in India after heavy flooding wreaked havoc in south Asia.

The tiger was spotted next to a road on Thursday morning, where it is believed to have been startled into taking refuge in a nearby house in Assam.

(Dr Samshul Ali/IFAW-WTI)

The International Fund for Animal Welfare, Assam Forest Department and Wildlife Trust of India were all involved in the tiger’s safe removal, but decided against tranquillising the creature.

The team instead waited until sundown where they reportedly blocked traffic, giving the animal safe passage to leave.

(Dr Samshul Ali/IFAW-WTI)

It is not known if the tiger came from the nearby Kaziranga National Park, where many animals have died as a result of flooding.

In the Indian state of Assam, officials said floodwaters have killed at least 19 people and brought misery to some 4.5 million.

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