Wednesday 16 January 2019

Three tiny and adorable red river hogs have been born at Chester Zoo

These colourful little triplets have just been welcomed into the world.

(Chester Zoo)
(Chester Zoo)

By Emily Chudy, Press Association

A trio of adorable red river hogs have been born at Chester Zoo.

The “pocket-sized” babies, which haven’t yet been named by keepers, were born to mother Mali and father Con-Fetti after a four-month pregnancy.

The zoo posted a video of the three-week-old triplets to Twitter, where it already has over 3,000 views.

Sarah Roffe, team manager at the zoo, said: “It’s early days, but the piglets are doing great so far. They’re so small at the moment and their coats are covered in spots and stripes, which will slowly start to fade after about six months when they’ll take on their more iconic rusty colouring.

“The trio are sticking very close to mum Mali, but it’s great to see them spending time with dad Con-Fetti. In fact, they can often be seen enjoying a nap whilst sat on top of him.”

(Chester Zoo)

Roffe said: “This is the pairings first set of triplets, so they’ll soon be a real handful for mum and dad as they become more adventurous and playful. It’s amazing to see the family of seven together!”

Red river hogs are also known as “tufted pigs” due to the white whiskers and tufts found on their ears.

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