Sunday 22 April 2018

Those bell-ringing cats are back and this time they’ve got a keyboard

There’s nothing these cats can’t do.

Cats on a keyboard.
Cats on a keyboard.

By Kameron Virk

The internet is awash with famous cats, but possibly none more talented than those that belong to Japanese-speaking Twitter user @b_ru_ru.

The cats first won fame through videos of them ringing bells to receive food, but have also apparently mastered the Japanese board game Shogi – and are now seemingly on to the next thing.

Here they are, paws primed and ready to make some sweet, sweet music.

Okay, so maybe the music wasn’t that sweet – and the experience didn’t seem to keep their attention for as long as some of their other endeavours. But we’ll blame that on the lack of snacks involved.

People have still been enjoying the tunes.

Although some think they’ve spotted potential difficulties between the pair.

Or a melody-led cry for help.

The cats are best-known for their ability to ring bells to summon food.

And then their human decided to add hats to the equation.

Hats of every kind.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are real warning signs that this pair could one day be capable of raising a cat army – placing the human race in servitude to them for the rest of time.

Stay tuned for the *inevitably best-selling* album they’ll one day put out.

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