Monday 20 May 2019

This woman’s dog chewed her shoe to bits but she styled it out like a queen

This is what label makers are for.


By Nicola Irwin, Press Association

We all know that dogs love to chew things and it turns out for one New Yorker her pet’s chew toy of choice was one of her shoes.

In fact, it was the left shoe of her snakeskin ballet flats.

We know this because the mystery shoe wearer added a label maker note to her shoe by way of explanation – and then went about her business anyway, dog-eared shoe or not.

The curious incident of the dog and the shoe was brought to the public’s attention by super-observant Twitter user @KatraHigher.

“My first reaction was ‘this is just so damn cute and hilarious’,” Katrin told Press Association.

“I believe I am quite observant of things in my city and just looked down and there it was.”

The picture was captured on New York’s Madison Avenue around 36th/37th street. The note reads “My dog chewed it”.


“I laughed out loud but didn’t want to bother her. She appeared to just be commuting home from work like me.

“I admire her combination of laziness and slight self-consciousness – something my friend Sam had first said when I showed the pic.”


She said the “chewer” wasn’t with the woman when she snapped the pic.

Katrin, who has lived in New York for nearly two decades, saw her Twitter post skyrocket with tens of thousands of likes and retweets.

People were praising the dog owner’s use of a label maker.

And saying they needed similar labels for their footwear – and more.

There are so many questions we have about the woman, her dog and the shoes, but for now, rest easy that observant people like Katrin are watching out for these idiosyncrasies.

Press Association

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