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This video of a woman juggling with herself will make you dizzy

Yep – she juggles with herself.


Woman juggling

Woman juggling

Woman juggling

A juggling expert has shown off her skills in an masterfully-edited video.

Taylor Glenn, an assistant editor who lives in Los Angeles, posted the exciting video to her YouTube channel Taylor Tries on Thursday and it has already garnered over 7,000 views.

It starts off simply enough, with Taylor doing some tricky juggling in front of a wall with white balls and pink juggling clubs, then another Taylor enters the screen and some clever editing shows her performing tricks with herself.

The 27-year-old taught herself to juggle when she was 12, and set up her YouTube channel to encourage others to try new things.

Glenn said: “I taught myself how to juggle when I was 12 years old when I got bored at my little league baseball game.

“I didn’t really pursue it beyond the basic three-ball pattern until I was a teenager though, and it was then that I started expanding and learning four or five balls and clubs.

“It’s always just been a hobby for me, I’ve never really done it professionally or for money, but it’s been a constant part of my life ever since!”

If you want to juggle like Taylor, luckily for you she has recorded a number of tutorial videos. She even explains in detail how to achieve basic moves on her website.

So why is Taylor so good at juggling? She explained that ever since she was a child she’s loved trying new things, and tries not to let a fear of failure get in her way.

People always remark at how good she is at certain activities, so she set up Taylor Tries in an effort to show the hard work and dedication that goes into learning skills like juggling.

She said: “My hope is that by showing people all the practice that goes into something and all the fails that happen when you start out, they’ll realise that we all start at the bottom when we begin something new, and that with time, practice, and dedication you WILL succeed.

“That is the goal of Taylor Tries; to inspire people to try and take the stigma off of ‘failure’.”

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