Monday 17 December 2018

This video lists all the disrespectful things Logan Paul did in Japan

That was before the YouTube star posted a video featuring the body of a suicide victim.

Dogen put up a video entitled 'a message to Logan Paul
Dogen put up a video entitled 'a message to Logan Paul". (Dogen/YouTube)

By Maariyah Pathan, Press Association

A man who teaches Japanese on YouTube has released a video entitled “a message to Logan Paul” in which he lists the culturally unacceptable behaviour of the shamed YouTuber.

The video – which has received a very positive reaction on social media and has garnered over 221,000 views on Twitter – is an attempt to show that Logan is a “nuisance” and not the “maverick” he claims to be.

Speaking in Japanese, Dogen – who has 26,000 YouTube subscribers – gives the following examples amongst others:

“Glorify acting like a Neanderthal at Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple” promptly followed by “right, you did that too”.

“Why not swing around a raw octopus in the Shibuya scramble crossing, like a dog with a stick in its mouth?

“Got it, you did that too.”

“Why not imitate skittle-high second-graders in a Chuck E Cheese playspace, and take off your pants in front of random people?”

“Wait no, you’ve already done that twice, right?”

The last example of Logan’s behaviour refers to the tragic suicide in Aokigahara Forest, where Dogan says: “Why not go to Aokigahara Forest, film the immediate aftermath of a tragic suicide, then describe the scene as ‘so real’ and use it as a tool to get views?”

Followed by: “Wait, what am I saying? Of course you did that.”

Dogan ends the video with this direct message to Logan: “Why not realise that you’re teaching an entire generation to be just like you, not a maverick, but a nuisance.”

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