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This uni student made the very best of a bad situation when their M key broke

With four hours to go until his assignment was due, Colin thought fast, and thought funny.


Colin composed a covering letter (Colin Chambers, Rui Vieira/PA)

Colin composed a covering letter (Colin Chambers, Rui Vieira/PA)

Colin composed a covering letter (Colin Chambers, Rui Vieira/PA)

This university student’s reaction to a broken keyboard proves it’s possible to style out a problem even if you don’t have all of the alphabet to draw on.

Colin Chambers, 19, studies business administration and marketing at the University of Buffalo, in the US. With an extra credit assignment due and only hours to complete it, Colin was readying himself to get on with it when disaster struck.

A fizzy drink exploded over the laptop, rendering the M key unusable.

“Before I begin, I would like to take this opportunity to apologise sincerely for the graatical errors you are about to see in this paper. The letter between “L” and “N” in the english alphabet just stopped working on y laptop’s keyboard out of nowhere,” read the letter.

“I have no other devices to write this paper. I a so sorry, I realize how unprofessional this is but I have no other choice. Therefore unfortunately whoever is unlucky enough to be assigned to grading this paper will have to just use their iagination and put that letter where it belongs in all the words without it.

“Thank you very uch for understanding.”

Colin’s cover letter explained the predicament as eloquently as possible, and illustrated it perfectly with the letter M absent throughout. Sort of.

For the rest of the essay Colin was forced to copy and paste the letter M whenever he needed it, although he admitted: “I tried to use every word without the letter ‘M’ in it I could think of.”

The cover letter was not attached to the final draft, but Colin did show it to his professor who was apparently very relaxed about the situation.

“I told my professor the tweet went crazy and he was really happy to hear!” said Colin. “As far as grades go though I haven’t heard back since the class is huge and we just submitted it.”

For now Colin, these kindly donated Ms will have to do.