Wednesday 12 December 2018

This Ultimate Frisbee player made an incredible shot using their foot

This incredible Ultimate Frisbee trick has to be seen to be believed.

(kieferpix/Getty Images)
(kieferpix/Getty Images)

By Max McLean, Press Association

An Ultimate Frisbee player is going viral for scoring a point using an amazing foot-throwing technique.

A Miami Boogiemen player from Miami University of Ohio played the unusual point to loud cheers from teammates in a video that now has over 33,000 views.

The team were playing Hartford Lighthouse from Hartford University when the point was scored, and social media users loved the unusual tactic.

Kaitlin Gray, a teammate at Miami Boogiemen, said: “We wanted to do the shot because Leland (the player) is oddly talented at it, so we decided to try it in a game and scored a point because of it.

“To my knowledge, no one has tried it in a game before.”

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