Sunday 22 September 2019

This twin stood in for his absent brother’s school photo and it’s spectacular

‘I was known as the more serious twin.’

Malcolm and Malcolm again – as Marcus (@marcus6096/Twitter)
Malcolm and Malcolm again – as Marcus (@marcus6096/Twitter)

By Edd Dracott and Max McLean, Press Association

Those of us not blessed with an identical twin have dreamt of the possibilities of having a handy doppelganger, but Malcolm and Marcus Williams are living that dream.

Marcus, 21, has gone viral on Twitter after he shared a photo of his brother stepping in for him for a photo when they were at high school.

Marcus was ill at home, but all Malcolm needed was a simple but brilliant change of expression to help his brother out.

“Malcolm was known as being the goofy, outgoing twin and I was known as the more serious twin who always had a blank face so he sold the whole thing completely,” Marcus explained to the Press Association.

“(Malcolm) went into the room to take his picture, walked out of the room, walked back into the room five minutes later posing as me and took the picture as if everything was normal, nobody ever noticed it.”

Here’s the pair in a more recent picture, posted by Marcus.

Malcolm’s ingenious disguise as Marcus has been shared tens of thousands of times on Twitter, but apparently the school photo is just the tip of the iceberg.

“We use each other’s ID when going to the cafe at school, we’ve switched classes numerous times, walk into restaurants one at a time to confused employees and end up only paying for one meal,” said Marcus. “The list could go on and on.”

Malcolm and Marcus both attend South Carolina State University – so if you’re a student there, keep a close eye on those graduation pictures.

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