Wednesday 13 November 2019

This three-year Tinder conversation ended in a free holiday to Hawaii

Does Tinder do free holidays for dating failures too?

This one’s a slow-burner (Josh Avsec/Michelle Arendas)
This one’s a slow-burner (Josh Avsec/Michelle Arendas)

By Taylor Heyman

Going viral can have  more benefits than just a pat on the back from your mates and a dead battery from all the  notifications you are getting.

For Josh Avsec, 22, and Michelle Arendas, 21, the internet falling in love with their odd story has resulted in a free holiday to Maui, Hawaii, courtesy of dating app Tinder.

Josh and Michelle began messaging back in September 2014, but after Michelle neglected to reply to Josh’s first message until two months later, the pair began sending late replies with accompanying rubbish excuses.

This continued over the next three years until Josh decided to post the exchange on Twitter.

It quickly went viral and Michelle even joined the party.

Josh, from Ohio, said: “So many people were telling us that we were relationship goals or that it was so cute, it really stacked the pressure to get to know her.

“So while this tweet was going viral, I sent her a couple direct messages, making jokes about all of these hilarious comments.”

In a stroke of marketing genius, the pair were then contacted by Tinder, who asked them which city they’d like to go to, paid for by the dating app.

Maui in Hawaii was the chosen destination.

They seem pretty chuffed about the offer, and the internet is praying this free holiday has a happy ending!

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