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Sunday 15 September 2019

This Thai restaurant really takes its customers’ requests for extra spice seriously

“Make him regret being born.”

Pad thai with chillies
Pad thai with chillies

By Kameron Virk

Spice is something restaurants struggle to get right, often because people have such varied tolerance levels to chilli peppers.

Logan Doan was very aware of that when his colleague suggested ordering Thai food to the office one lunch time and, having experienced his fair share of underwhelming “spicy” dishes, the 26-year-old made sure he asked for it extremely hot.

The staff at the restaurant were, seemingly, more than willing to comply.

Receipt from Thai restaurant

When his food came Logan took a look at the receipt and saw just how serious they’d been about adding extra spice. The container his Pad Thai came in even had pictures of fire drawn on to it, as well as the word “cuidado” – Spanish for “watch out”.

Further down the receipt you can see the request to the restaurant from Logan’s colleague, Mike, who ordered the food – “make him regret being born”.

So did it? Was his food as spicy as the receipt and the restaurant’s warnings would seem to suggest?

“Sadly, the Pad Thai I received wasn’t that hot to me and I ate it without breaking a sweat,” Logan said.

“Still searching for that Thai place that will actually hurt when I ask for the real heat”.

A quick glance down the Reddit thread where Logan posted his receipt shows more than a few people recounting the times they asked for their Thai meals extra spicy, in graphic detail – so maybe Logan should count himself lucky.

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